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Word of Promise Audio Bible
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  • The Word of Promise Audio Bible is a reliable New King James Version of the Bible, which is here presented in dramatic 'audio-theater' format. It includes talents of so many award winning Hollywood actors like Michael York, Jim Caviezel, Jesse McCartney, Stacy Keach, Sean Astin, Lou Diamond Phillips etc. Listen an original music score from prolific Italian composer named Stefano Mainetti. Check out high-quality sound effects, which are composed at Cerny American Creative. If you want to download audio for books of the Bible, then you can download it directly to your SD card. Choose to listen verse one-by-one or jump to any specific verse. The users can also use in-built playlist to enjoy listening New Testament in 40 days or choose to hear Bible in Chronological (timeline) order. Make your own playlist by adding desired verses and even share them with other users. Bookmark any verse to access it later instantly.

  • Email: wop_feedback@futuresoft.com
  • URL: http://www.wordofpromiseapp.com
Word of Promise Audio Bible Review
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